Who am I?

A lot of people have been asking me recently “How did you start a PLG advising business at 23 years old!?”

This is my story.

I was 18 living in South Africa, and instead of going to university I decided to travel to Israel and invest a year into in-depth study and practice of my religion, meditation and self-discovery.

One year turned to three and then at 21 I decided it was time to find a job and start making money.

I was back in South Africa, I didn't have a degree and I was pretty scared.

I worked in sales, making cold calls for a couple months but quickly realized I had to go back to Israel.

I didn't have a plan, and I didn't have any money.

I made it back to Israel where
→ I crashed in my friend's studio apartment.
→ Started to teach guitar.
→ Worked as a guidance counsellor for around 8 weeks until I saved enough to move in by myself.

I had one goal.
Get a job.

I was blessed that within a couple of weeks I was recruited and ended up joining an incredible start up as the first and only sales hire.

Every day I got to meet 1:1 with a mentor and the CEO. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I gave it everything I had.

Out of nowhere, 5 months in I was told that we were shifting to a PLG strategy and sales was over (for a while).

They offered me to stay on the team as a growth analyst and help them with everything data, success and PLG.

I made it my top priority to become an expert in PLG.

But first, something way more important happened - I got married to my incredible wife! (Truth be told, she's the reason I'm able to do everything that I do.)

Going back to PLG - I read all the books, case studies, took all the courses and learnt everything I could until I felt confident that I could make some serious impact.

I learn best by teaching and so I decided to put everything I learn into systems and frameworks that I could share.

Some of my friends were seriously benefiting from it and it made me think "Maybe other people also need this to grow their company.".

So, I decided to start sharing some thoughts on LinkedIn and BOOM, my first post got 14000 views and my second 68K!

All of a sudden people were sharing my posts and I had founders and heads of product reaching out to me to ask my advice.

One thing led to another and I found myself working with founders and growth teams from around the world leading strategy sessions and workshops.

I got booked to give webinars and the legendary Kevin "KD" Dorsey reached out to me and I ended up on his podcast.

2 months ago, I left my job and started Valubyl - an advising company helping SaaS companies achieve predictable and scalable revenue.

The journey is just beginning and I'm seriously just so grateful to all of you that have supported my growth and given me the opportunity to live a dream.


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Yaakov Carno

Founder @ Valubyl - I help SaaS companies achieve predictable and scalable revenue through Product Led Growth. Every week, I send out a newsletter with the latest PLG insights and strategies. You can reach me at yaakov@valubyl.com :)